Welcome to my website. Firstly I would like to thank God for giving me the vision and strength to be able to pursue my writing. As a child born in Lambeth I always had a passion to read. From the age of 8 I would be sat in the library huddled in a corner reading the next Roald Dahl or Maya Angelou. I should have gone to the shop for my mother. Luckily life was safe then and there were no mobile phones.

One of my favourite books was and still is ” I know why the caged bird sings”. My memories of ” why you looking at me” still resonates with me.

Following years of reading various books, I began to write myself. I wrote anything poems and songs, some of my songs were even recorded.  I developed a love for singing and spent many years singing backing vocals for various groups. It allowed me to express my inner self by shouting but in tune, well I think in tune.

A number of years later I graduated as a law graduate and the natural progression should have been to go to Law School and become a solicitor but my path took a different turn.

Finding a gap in my life, my passion for writing grew again and from there MY MAGIC SCARF my first children’s book was born.

Published in December 2015, and self published which I must say was hard work. But here we are and yet still I rise (another Maya Angelou quote).

You noticed I said my first published book which effectively means there are others in the pipeline so watch this space.

It’s not every day I write but I try to give thought to everything I do and think up new ideas which means I have many sleepless nights. Tired authors are not a good thing.

My aim in writing is to raise awareness of various topics and quench your thirst for diverse literature.

I hope you enjoy reading my books. God Bless

Available for interviews

I will make myself available for an interview at your convenience with a 3-5 day notice period.

Talks and workshops

Robyn Smart Workshop is a creative session in London and Online where writers develop their craft and come together in the spirit of discovery and fellowship. I have been teaching creative writing and story writing since 2000.

Fully engaging with the children.

Creative writing is an essential element in learning. Through this I help young children explore and learn for themselves by engaging them in tasks that make the experience real.

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